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Wrecker (Bb dd atat) is an amazing blue tri that carries chocolate.   He is spectacular - in looks and personality! Funny and playful, loves his toys and gets along with everyone.   He's a big guy - almost 80 pounds!
Vintage (BB dd atat) is the daughter of Wrecker and she has his playful personality.  Super sweet girl that wants to be by your side. 
Reign (Bb DD ayat Mm) is a 4th generation MoBully Babies baby.  Super sweet girl!!   She's a lover.
Chassis (Bb Dd ayay KbN Mm) is one of the only girls that was not produced here.    She is one of our smaller girls - athletic and muscular.    And she absolutely loves puppies. 
Cami (bb dd ayat Mm KN) is the daughter of Chassis and Throttle. She is one of our smaller, very compact girls and she loves to play!
Cherry (bb Dd ayat Mm) and Ginger (bb Dd ayat) are the gorgeous daughters of Reign, which makes them 5th generation Bully Babies! These two are fiesty and ornery!
Tinker (Bb Dd ayat Mm KN) is the daughter of Chassis and Throttle. She is a compact and thick girl with a ton of personality!