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I often get asked what kind of bed we use for our bullies.   Let me tell you, I love to brag on our Kuranda beds.       

These beds are great for both Bullmastiffs and Bulldogs - they are sturdy and strong, keep dogs up off the floor, provide great support for big dogs and they are chewproof.    Plus they are super easy to clean.     
Did I mention that dogs LOVE them?   Because they do!

When you go to order there are several different sizes, colors and fabrics to choose from.    

A single bulldog will fit on a Medium.      
A normal bullmastiff will fit on a Large.
A large bullmastiff will comfortably fit on an Extra-Large. 

If you have more than one dog you might get a size bigger as all our dogs like to crowd as many on one bed as possible.   Our dogs exceed the suggested weight limit daily with no problems to the beds.  

We have the Standard Bed frame for all of our dogs, except for Nova and he has the Aluminum.   The Aluminum frame is sturdier and stronger - and pretty much indestructible.     

We use the Heavy Duty Vinyl for our group.   Super easy to clean!    
We do also have a couple Textured Nylon beds that we keep outside - summer and winter.   

Puppies and adults - everyone loves them!  

If you would like to order, just click here.    Feel secure knowing these beds are MoBully Babies approved!!