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This page has our Deposit Agreement, Health Guarantee / Sales Contract.  BEFORE you send in your deposit, please fill out the information at the bottom of the Deposit Agreement.
Then scroll down and electronically sign the Health Guarantee / Sales Contract.   
I must have an original physically signed copy of the Health Guarantee / Sales Contract before you will receive AKC paperwork.
Please contact me with any questions before you fill this out. 
Bully Babies
Post Office Box 55
Monett, MO   65708

Part of the purchase price will be paid immediately with this Agreement as a deposit to guarantee that Seller will hold the Puppy until delivery to the Purchaser.
Deposit in the amount of 20% of the purchase price, no less than $400 is required to hold this Puppy for the Purchaser.
There are no refunds on deposits, unless otherwise agreed here in writing. Failure of the Purchaser to complete this purchase would subject Seller to lost opportunities to sell the Puppy to some other Buyer and retention of the deposit is meant to compensate Seller for his possible loss. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Purchaser to follow through with the Purchase of this Puppy. 
The Seller reserves the right to void this transaction and refund the Deposit if we learn of any reason why Purchaser might not be suitable for the puppy. 

If the transaction is voided or if through some tragic accident the Puppy were to die or otherwise be seriously injured before it goes to its new home then the deposit will be returned to the Purchaser; unless the Purchaser wishes to apply the deposit to another Puppy, if one is available, or to a puppy from the next available litter.

Deposits are $400 or 20% of the cost of the puppy - whichever is greater.
We accept Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal for deposits.      
***** IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PAYPAL ***** If paying by PayPal, ONLY use the Friends and Family method.    If you send payment by the Goods and Services method, I will refuse it - this can take 7-14 days for the money to make it back into your account and puppy will not be marked sold until I have accepted payment.     If you have questions, ask BEFORE you send it.
If you mail payment, it must be sent NEXT DAY WITH A TRACKING NUMBER.

Puppy will be ready to leave when it is 8 weeks old.    By 8 weeks old puppies are completely weaned from their mothers and ready to begin their lives with their new families.    Puppies will not be allowed to leave before they are 8 weeks old. 

No transportation arrangements will be made until the puppy is 7 weeks old.   Flight arrangements will not be made until payment in full has been received.   

I will give you transportation confirmation as soon as I receive it.    Due to weather, puppy health or several different possible issues shipping times and dates can change at the very last minute.   We will try to get your puppy to you as soon as possible but sometimes delivery will be postponed - if this happens I will let you know as soon as I find out.   Under no circumstances, will delivery postponement be a valid reason for refund.   

We will hold your puppy if absolutely needed, but we prefer they join their new family as soon as possible.    If we still have your puppy when they are 9 weeks old due to your schedule, please add an additional $150, plus $25 per day afterwards.   This covers food, cleaning, extra shots and care.  

We accept Cash, Certified Bank Check, Venmo, Zelle or Cash App for final payment.
If you mail payment, it must be sent with a tracking number. 
Payment in full, including shipping cost is due when puppy is 7 weeks old unless being picked up in person.    If the balance is not received by the time the puppy is 7 weeks old the deposit is forfeited, the contract is void and the puppy will be placed back up for adoption - please make note of the date as it is up to you to send payment without a reminder.   

Puppy is covered by Seller’s Health Guarantee / Contract.     This is posted on our web site (scroll down).   Please look it over and electronically sign.   I must have a physically signed hard copy for my records, please print, sign and mail to me.     

All of our puppies are AKC registered - either Limited or Full Registration.   You will not receive any AKC paperwork or numbers until I receive the original signed Health Guarantee / Contract and proof of Alter (if purchasing with Limited Registration).     

This written Agreement contains all of the terms of Deposit Agreement. No refunds will be given, all deposits are non-refundable and all sales are final.
To ensure that the Buyer can immediately reserve the Puppy of their choice, Buyer and Seller agree that this Agreement is in full force by virtue of web site submission of completed copy of this agreement between Seller and Buyer. All disputes are subject to resolution in the Seller’s county:  Barry County, Missouri.

AGREED on this date:
Purchaser full name:
Purchaser phone number:
Purchaser e-mail address:
Purchaser mailing address:
Puppy you are putting a deposit on:
How do you plan to pay deposit:
Deposit Agreement
Health Guarantee / Contract
Please scroll down and electronically sign the Health Guarantee / Contract.   Make sure you initial in the green boxes.
Once signed, you can then submit the Documents.
Bully Babies – Post Office Box 55 – Monett, MO  65708
417-669-2606          bullybabies@ymail.com          www.mobullybabies.com 

The Puppy is a purebred English Bulldog, French Bulldog or Bullmastiff

This litter is registered with the American Kennel Club and an individual registration form will be furnished to the Purchaser after the Breeder has received payment in full along with signed Guarantee and vet statement proving spay/neuter if sold with Limited Registration.

Breeder guarantees the health of all puppies sold for 1 (one) year after date of birth.   

To the best of Breeder knowledge, at time of sale the puppy was in excellent health.     Puppy was recently seen by licensed veterinarian and has a current Health Certificate.

*****Purchaser must take puppy to a licensed vet within 72 hours after taking possession for a post purchase general health examination.*****   

If a life threatening or life altering congenital disorder is discovered Breeder must be notified in writing immediately.   Puppy must be seen by 2 unassociated Veterinarian’s and detailed statements describing the health condition must be forwarded to Breeder or their Vet.   Breeder’s vet will review and has the option to contact Purchaser’s vet, or to ask for more proof of findings.   The finding and opinion of the Breeder’s veterinarian are to be considered final and ultimate opinion.   The sick puppy must be returned immediately to Breeder in the best possible condition at Purchaser’s expense accompanied by AKC papers.   

Disorders covered under this contract include severe hip dysplasia (no replacement if the dog is diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the dog is overweight or over exercised), kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, spine or liver problems that severely limit or alter the life of the puppy or dog.   The guarantee does not cover common conditions such as cherry eye, entropion, loose hips, stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, skin allergies, parasites (Coccidia, Giardia, hookworms, ticks, fleas, mites, etc), Mange (Demodectic, Sarcoptic or Cheyletiella), autoimmune disorders, thyroid dysfunction, bacterial infections, kennel cough, herniations, heart murmurs grade I, II or III, patella luxation grades I, II or III, tight/inverted tails or undescended testicles. 

This guarantee does not cover if the puppy became sick after leaving Breeder premises or is injured by accident, neglect, abuse or if problems arise due to breeding.   Under no circumstances is puppy guaranteed to be breedable, show quality or capable.   There is no guarantee on the color or size of this puppy now or as an adult.     When a puppy is sold based on DNA, Breeder provides the results from the performing lab, they are not liable for lab errors pertaining to the DNA results.  AKC Full Registration is purchased at your own risk.

If puppy dies or is diagnosed with a life threatening or life altering congenital disorder we will put the money paid for purchase price of current puppy (minus shipping costs) towards another puppy of your choice. For owner to receive a credit towards another puppy the sick puppy must be returned to us immediately at owner’s expense accompanied by AKC papers and a written vet statement describing the health condition.   If puppy dies, the owner must send us an autopsy report from a licensed vet stating a congenital defect caused the death.    Breeder's vet must agree with findings before a credit is offered. 

At no time do we refund money, pay vet bills or transportation.

Purchaser also agrees to provide the puppy with preventive care, including but not limited to dewormings, vaccines, heartworm treatment and vet checks. Purchaser agrees to never chain the puppy or dog and to give the puppy or dog adequate living conditions and a healthy diet. 

                       Puppies sold with AKC Limited Registration must be altered (spayed/neutered) before Purchaser will receive AKC paperwork.     They must be altered before they are a year old and Breeder must receive a Veterinarian statement, referencing the puppy’s microchip number, stating they have been altered.     If not altered within the required time with notification provided, puppy will be returned to Breeder or the remaining balance for Full AKC will become due immediately and paid no later than 30 days past required alter date.    SHOULD THE PURCHASER BREED A PUPPY SOLD ON AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION ACCIDENTALLY OR DELIBERATELY, PURCHASER AGREES TO PAY THE BREEDER THE SUM OF $7000. 

                       Puppies sold with AKC Full Registration are required to carry “Of MoBB” or “Of MoBullyBabies” on the end of their AKC Registration names.

                       In order for the health guarantee to remain valid owner must take the puppy to a licensed vet within 72 hours of receiving the puppy and mail a copy of the vet statement back to Seller.   THIS IS MANDATORY – WITHOUT THIS EXAM, THE CONTRACT SHALL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID.  For contract to remain valid owner must keep puppy up to date on all vaccines including but not limited to rabies, parvo and distemper. 

This is a non-transferable contract.  If animal is sold, transferred or given away the contract will be void.   Purchaser agrees to notify Breeder immediately should they, for any reason, not be able to keep puppy at any point in their life.     Breeder has the option of buying puppy/dog back for an appropriate price or allowing them to find a suitable home. 

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Purchaser send puppy to a shelter or a breeding facility.    If Purchaser violates this term, they will pay a penalty to us equal to the full purchase price of the puppy.   If at any time Purchaser is unable to retain ownership of the dog, the Seller reserves the first right of refusal to take the animal back in order to find a suitable home without benefit or refund or any course of reclaim.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may Purchaser destroy puppy before discussing this decision with us, except for urgent health reasons (documented by a Vet) which would impact the puppy’s quality of life.    If the Purchaser violates this term, they will pay a penalty to Breeder equal to the full purchase price of the puppy. 

Purchaser acknowledges that behavior and temperament is based on a combination of genetics and experiences the puppy gains, not only with Breeder but with its new family and in its new environment.    Improper socialization and lack of consistent Obedience training will adversely affect the good genetic temperament the puppy was born with.   

If Purchaser requests a return of the puppy for ANY reason (including Purchasers or family's allergies), once the animal has arrived to the new destination, a maximum of 50% of the purchase price, excluding any transportation fees, will be refunded by Seller.    Purchaser is responsible for safe return of the puppy and it must be accompanied by a Health Certificate by a licensed veterinarian dated within 3 days of animals return to Seller and the puppy must be returned within 3 days of pups arrival to Purchaser.  Seller reserves the right to retain 100% of the purchase price until the puppy is resold.    Any cost associated with transportation of the puppy is non-refundable.  

Failure of the Purchaser to live up to any part of this agreement will entitle Breeder to reclaim the puppy and its AKC Registration paper’s which will be transferred back to Breeder.     Breeder would not be further obligated to the Purchaser in any regard. 

By signing this contract, both parties have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.   The Breeder neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in this agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness.   This document constitutes the agreement between the Breeder and Purchaser with respect to this sale.   The Purchaser’s signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the Contract.   This agreement is made for our mutual benefit to protect the purchaser, the seller, and most of all THE PUPPY.

There will be no refunds or exchanges after the expiration of this health warranty.   The Purchaser and Breeder also agree to file any legal disputes regarding this legally binding contract in the Breeder’s State and county jurisdiction, Monett, Missouri (Barry County).  In the event of any litigation in connection with this guarantee, Purchaser shall be responsible for legal fees incurred by seller.   Any legal expenses incurred by the Purchaser are to also be paid at his expense. 

All transactions with Bully Babies are to be confidential between both contract parties only.  

By electronically signing this the Purchaser agrees they have carefully read and agree to these terms.

Purchaser Signature: