Most scammers are sitting in an internet cafe in a foreign country (Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon).    They search the internet looking for cute puppy pictures.    They copy those pictures and make their own advertisement's using someone else's pictures (our pictures have even been stolen!).      Scammers don't actually have a puppy to sell they only have a stolen picture - this is important to realize!

They price the puppy very cheap, sometimes free and all you have to do is pay for shipping.    When you contact them about the puppy they almost always tell you that the puppy is good with kids, registered, house-trained and anything else to make it sound like the PERFECT puppy.     They also almost always have one male and one female available - convenient, huh?   They usually ask you a few questions to make them sound responsible but in the same e-mail will ask where you want the puppy shipped.  

Some scammers will tell you they are out of the United States for government or religious reasons (they very often claim to be missionaries).    Sometimes they purchased the puppy (usually, puppies - brother and sister that they want to go together) right before they left and now it can't get through customs.     All they want is for you to pay for shipping costs and give it a great home.   

When you send them a Money Order (usually $300 or $500) they often contact you and tell you that shipping charges are going to be a little bit more and want you to send them another check.    If you fall for that they will contact you again and again asking for more and more money.    Once you finally realize that you are being scammed they will quit contacting you.  
Scammers are rampant in the buying and selling of almost everything over the internet.     Whether you decide to purchase a puppy from us or from someone else, please don't fall for a scam.
How a scam works. . . . . .
Signs you are talking to a scammer. . . . . 
1)The puppy they have listed is priced cheap - really cheap, or free.    All you have to do is pay for shipping costs.      I'm sorry but you will NOT find an English Bulldog pup for $300, it's not gonna happen!
2)They have very bad grammar.   Not everyone has the best grammar but if they can't even put one sentence together correctly that is a good sign.
3)When you contact them they send you back a copy and paste reply - often the sex of the dog, the name or the breed is different than the one you contacted them about.
4)They tell you that they can fly a puppy to you and have it delivered to your door within days.
5)They require you pay by Western Union and only by Western Union.
6)They will only talk to you by e-mail.    If pressed they might give you a phone number but usually it is a number that doesn't work or else when you call it, it doesn't go to them.     (I admit - I HATE talking on the phone and prefer to do everything by e-mail but if you ever need to talk to me in person, I'm there!)
7)Their ad only has one or two pictures of the puppy or they will have several pictures of different puppies.
8)They call you on a Deaf Relay System.     They call at all hours of the day or night and are VERY pushy about you sending them money.

How to protect yourself from being scammed. . . . . 
1)If their ad has directed you to a web site ALWAYS use the contact information that the web site has listed.
2)Ask for more pictures.      Ask for pictures of the parents.    Ask for pictures of the puppy with the date stamp on on their camera or with a common household item, like a milk jug, a Coke can, a pencil, magazine or a piece of paper with your name and/or date on it.   If they claim their camera is broke or they can't upload on their computer you need to steer clear of them.
3)If they claim the puppy is registered ask for the registration number or litter number.    You can then call AKC and ask if that is a valid number.    AKC's number is 212-696-8225.
4)Call and talk to them.  
5)Ask questions about anything and everything - how long have they had this breed, why do they recommend them.    If they claim they just purchased the puppy themselves and now need to find it a home ask who the original breeder was (it will be listed on the AKC papers), what state they were located in, what their phone number is.  
6)Google is your friend!   Google their name, the phone number they gave you or the e-mail address (I do this ALL the time!).    Sometimes they will tell you they are in Louisiana but the phone number comes up as a Seattle, Washington number - this is a good sign that they are really in Africa (or wherever) and just picked the number out of the blue.    Sometimes the e-mail address will bring up several different ad's, look at them and think it through.
7)If you have found their ad on the major puppy finding web sites, such as Puppyfind or NextDayPets, check and see what ad's they currently have listed.    If they have ad's listed for several different breeds that all claim the puppy is the same age and same price, usually only with one or two pictures on each ad then they are a definate scammer!
8)If they claim to be a breeder, ask for references.
9)If it sounds too good to be true - then it probably is!

Not all scammers fit these into these guidelines but almost all of them will have some of these in common.      Number one thing to remember is . . . . Before you send anyone money make sure you feel that you really trust them.      If you heart says it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.