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I am doing this page because I'm nosy - yes, because I am a nosy person and I figure if I am nosy then I bet other people are too.    When I buy a puppy I want to know who is taking care of my puppy until I get them.    I believe that if you purchase a puppy from us we are starting a lifelong friendship.    I want you to feel that if you have any questions you can always ask us.    We expect to receive updates for the life of your pet so it's best if we can be friends from the beginning.   

I'm going to tell you a little bit about the Bully Babies family and where your puppy is coming from.    Bully Babies consists of me (Margaret Howerton) and Michael Carver.   

We have each loved animals our whole lives. We currently live on a 10 acre farm with rabbits, fainting goats (yes, they really do faint!), chickens and of course, cats and dogs.      

Michael is a mechanic and has a shop at the house and my job is taking care of puppies so there is always someone here.     

All of our dogs are our pets - I know every breeder says that, but we really mean it.   Our dogs run loose in the yard and are often in the house.   Our dogs are our family and for the 8 weeks your puppy is with us they are our family also.   

All of our puppies require round the clock care the first several weeks of their lives.   We tend to them at least every 2-3 hours 24 hours a day (which means very 
little sleep and very little time spent away from home) for the first two weeks.   They get a little easier after the 3 week mark and, hopefully, we can start getting up to 5 hours of sleep at a time.    

While we do have dogs and puppies in our home, we also have a large temperature controlled, very comfortable kennel.   There have been many nights I've slept in the kennel on a fold out chair or a pallet of blankets - I love the sound of bully snoring from every direction :-)      

We will never claim to know everything there is to know about dogs or puppies and we will never claim to be perfect.  If we don't know something we have several quality long-time breeders or very knowledgeable vets that we go to for help.  Please contact me if you have any questions.     Thank you and have a great day!