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Transportation Information
We have a great ground transport company that delivers puppies 24/7 on a route.    This means you will be required to meet them on their schedule at their meeting location.    This could be 3 a.m. an hour away.    They leave on Monday evenings and most puppies are delivered by Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.    They deliver puppies from several breeders at one time.     They do not cover the entire U.S.     I have to schedule by Friday morning for Monday's departure. 

GROUND TRANSPORT DOOR TO DOOR,  pricing varies depending on location.
I have an individual that delivers door to door.    Very quick transportation and she keeps in contact the entire time she has your puppy.    She also delivers 24/7 but will keep in contact en route.     She is very busy and is not always available, I need to get information to her as soon as possible so she can plan ahead.

I have 1 puppy nanny that will fly with a purchased ticket.     She is very busy and I need to get her flight info as soon as possible so she can plan ahead.    She will purchase a ticket and will arrive at that time/on that flight - of course, except for unexpected airport issues.     Once you have approved her flight schedule and she has purchased her ticket, you are out the full transportation cost if you cancel or change your reservation with her. 
This option is available for puppies up to 15 pounds - this means some Bullmastiff pups can not fly after 8 or 9 weeks old. 

You will not receive transportation information until puppies are at least 7 weeks old.   Sometimes closer to 8 weeks.   Sometimes after 8 weeks old.    Please do not message me every day asking if I have information - I guarantee you, I PROMISE you . . .  . I haven't forgotten about you and I am trying to get information as soon as possible.    We use amazing transporters that stay very busy and I check in with them daily if I am waiting on confirmation.   I can not give you any information until they give it to me.   I will update you immediately because I know how excited you are to receive your new family member. 

Our puppies are raised in a closed environment.    This means that they have not been introduced to outside germs/viruses.    Even when we go to the vet, our puppies stay in our crates or in our arms - they are not available to meet and greet other animals and only vet staff are allowed any type of interaction with them.    We do not take them to any public areas where they will pick up any germs from other dogs.    While this is great at keeping our puppies and dogs safe and healthy, this also means that when your puppy is transported (or leave our care in general) they will be introduced to outside germs for the first time - this is also why we do not recommend you take your puppy to places like PetSmart or dog parks until they are fully vaccinated. 
Our puppies are vet checked for a health certificate within days of leaving us.    If they are showing any signs of illness, I let you know and their transportation is delayed until healthy.  Once our puppies are dropped off with the transporter, we have no control over any type of germs they will come in contact with.     Usually this is not a problem and your puppy will arrive perfectly healthy.   However it is not uncommon for a puppy to pick up a cold during transport - seldom anything worse.    All of our puppies come with 30 days of free Trupanion pet health insurance.    It is up to you to know the risks of transportation and to activate that insurance - we do not cover colds or other issues that can be picked up during transport.    
Ready to Purchase?
So you found the puppy of your dreams and want to know how to proceed.

Fill out the Questionnaire.    You can do this anytime, we keep them on file for 6 months.  

Read and fill out the Documents link.     This has the Deposit Agreement, Contract and Health Guarantee in it.    Only fill this out when you are confident you are purchasing and ready to send a deposit.

Your deposit is not accepted until this form has been submitted on-line. 

Once your deposit is accepted your puppy is marked sold.   

I will mail you the Contract and Health Guarantee for you to sign and return immediately.    You can also print these on-line, sign and mail to me.    You will not receive your AKC paperwork until the signed copies are in my possession.

Final payment is due no later than 7 weeks old.    If you are paying with personal, final payment is due no later than 6 weeks old.